A PRIDE Industries Story – Eric


Because of his disability, Eric McCullough thought he would never find employment. But then he found PRIDE Industries, a nonprofit that creates jobs for people with disabilities. Now, Eric is a custodian at the Sacramento International Airport. He takes great pride in delivering first-class service to airport travelers, and has earned over a hundred positive feedback comments from customers. Do you know a person with a disability who is looking for employment? Contact our free employment helpline for people with disabilities at 844-426-2253 or 844-I-AM-ABLE. You can also find more information at https://www.prideindustries.com/work-with-pride/employment-helpline
At PRIDE Industries, our unique service model means that we can help you with any and every aspect of your career. We not only coordinate with government agencies to get you the support and training you need, we also partner with businesses that are seeking to hire. No matter what job services you want, or where you are in your career, we can help you take the next step on your employment path. From training and internships to career placement and on-the-job training, we know you have the talent to make valuable contributions to the workplace. Whether you’re a first-time job seeker, an experienced professional, or a motivated person looking to enter a new career field, PRIDE Industries is here to help. Our person-centered approach concentrates on job exploration and skills assessment, all while meeting each individual’s goals and setting up a support plan for long-term job success and advancement.
PRIDE Industries delivers business excellence with a positive social impact. A social enterprise, we provide facilities operations and maintenance services, custodial services, contract manufacturing, supply chain management, packaging and fulfillment services, and staffing and recruitment services to private and public organizations nationwide. Founded in 1966, PRIDE Industries’ mission is to create employment for people with disabilities. Through personalized employment services, we help individuals realize their true potential and lead more independent lives. PRIDE Industries proves the value of its inclusive workforce model through operational success across multiple industries every day. Learn more.