Microblading App Update 2022 Part 0


Dear App users,

Great news! The new version of the app is available!
It has tons of helpful features for the first time


Check our our amazing new features with the latest Apple Update:

Now you can:

1 – Set up automated reminders for touch ups and second visits.

2 – Organize not just forms, but clients and visits.

3- Add UNLIMITED pictures to clients’ folders

4 – Add watermarks to pictures!

Most important new unique feature: the new robust Copyright protection tool. It uses metadata tags to every image.

You should do it before you post pictures online and in Social Media. It helps search engine to understand what is on the picture and makes Google to show your business ahead of your competitors.

All new forms will automatically be added to the clients folders. But
you may wondering “WHERE ARE MY PREVIOUS FORMS?!” Don’t worry, they are still there.

Just click on “Clients” (at the bottom between “Projects” and “Scheduling” icons) and then click on “All Forms” on the top of the screen.
There, all your older forms are safe and sound still stored in our server 🙂

We understand that even for those artists already using the Microblading App for a while It may be a little tricky to take full advantage of these new features.

That is why we have videos explaining everything step by step posted in our YouTube channel inside the app’s help page