How to avoid post-holidays blues?


Coming back from holidays is not easy for anyone. Not even for your furry pal!

It’s normal for your four-legged friend to be sad for the first few days. Don’t worry, it’s “normal”. He also needs a period of adjustment.
As you spent a lot of time with your dog on vacation, he still expects the same attention now.

Here are some anti post-holiday blues tips.
✔️ Plan the schedules. It is essential to return to the usual routines.
✔️ Establish a walking routine.
✔️ Make sure to have time for playtime.
✔️ Stay cool when you get home. DO NOT ignore you pet! This will only increase his anxiety. Say “hello” slow to show that everything is fine.
✔️ Return to hygiene routines: regular hair brushing, baths, etc.
✔️ Take good care of food.
✔️ How about you start thinking about the transition to raw and biologically appropriate food and all the benefits it brings?
✔️ Take him to the vet. After a few days at the beach, in the mountains, in the countryside… it’s always a good time to have a check-up and make sure everything is ok.

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