SunDaze x BWP


For our first collection, we are placing our focus on “The People”. We wanted to gove back to the people of Bali as we saw it only fitting since without them and their hard work and dedication we wouldn’t be here. We also wanted to go beyond the obvious problems that have a lot of media attention and dive deeper into some other major issues that the Island may be facing. This is where we came across the IDEP Foundation.

IDEP focues on various areas such as developing and delivers training programs, community projects and media campaings about sustainable development through Permaculture and disaster management. For more than a decade IDEP has been delivering practical programs and public education activities to communities in need all over Indonesia. They have many programs tackling several issues, but the project we were drawn to was the “Bali Water Protection programs”. Natrurally as ocean lovers, this could pose as a threat to what we love doing.

In the Indonesian province of Bali, 60% of water catchments are drying up and as a result saltwater is entering its aquifers. The IDEP is trying to find ways to mediate this not-so obvious crisis and turn the situation around before it hits a critical point. They are aiming to recharch the island’s aquifers and implement methods to increase freshwater resilience.

The BWP also serves as a call to the Island’s spiritual, political and economic leaders to take a stand and urge them to address this issue by raising awareness within the local communities regarding the alarming rate at which freshwater is decreasing. Aquifer recharghe or replenishment is a method trialed and proven successful if implemented by the IDEP, they have developed technology that aims to recharge wells by rainwater in order to ensure future water sovereignty.

Moreover, the BWP has three main areas in which donations could be invested;

A. Adopting a well – building recharge wells across the islands in order to replenish freshwater supply by collecting rain-water.

B. Adopting a river – mainly providing material for an educational program aimed at children in schools whereby they are taught strategies in preservation

C. Adopt water – Basically an awareness program distributed via campaings in social media and press channels aiming to raise awareness to as many people as possible.

We are aiming to direct the funds collected through sales to go towards building a well. Keep an eye on social media to see how the donation has gone towards a good cause.