KWC Responsibility Lesson 9.6.2022


Notes from Molly & Cambrien’s first lesson in 1st grade:

1. Book is far too long for TK and Kinder. We will provide a new book. If your lesson comes before we get one please just do the worksheet with the class. We ran out of time for the worksheet so we left it with the teacher to do in class or as something to take home.

2. If you only have a 30 min lesson in a 1-5th classroom, just be extra cognizant of time because the kids have so much to share. Maybe limit to 2-3 comments from kids and remind them that they will get to share their ideas in the worksheet.

3. We suggest reading the book at the end if you have a 40-45 min lesson. This way you limit the kids’ rug time in the beginning and give them a chance to do something else before having them sit again for the book. Or you can get up and let the kiddos get their wiggles out as Molly & Cambrien so cutely did!