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Meditation and Visualisation
Future Self =
� Rebecca
This is something I am meant to create
I had something come through that is a new business
I have some drawing and planning later today
�‍♀️ Jana
I remember being annoyed with my future Self cause she didn’t look the same.

�‍♀️ Jana
This is really interesting, and to be it means you are really solid in your Big Dream.
My most powerful visualisations come during the day
I have found in real-time that makes the meditation the anchor point so that you activate and access it during the day.
If you close your eyes at any time, you can take yourself there.
� Jennifer
I am noticing that I am going with the stages at a micro level with micro dreams.
I am feeling resistance even at the micro level.
I thought I would only be going through resistance for a Big Dream.
�‍♀️ Jana
Every day you go through the 7 stages for something.
When I do dollar diaries, it gives me muscle memory for the Big Dream.
We are always on multiple timelines.
Usually, when we are deep in the resistance, we are at a cross-over of the ebbs of multiple timelines.
There are all multiple timelines for our Big Dreams
At one time, you are celebrating last month, in resistance for this month, feeling sabotage for what you need to do today
I love to make to simple but also, there at 50 million energies happening at once
When you are in your break down, you are in any one of the three ebbs phases belief, resistance, and sabotage for all your Big Dreams.
Look at all your points of alignment for all of your Big Dreams.
What are 5 of your Big Dreams, and let’s find out where you are in each of them?
7 Figures
$20k reoccurring
�‍♀️ Jana
7 Figures Belief
$20k reoccurring
This is so good for everybody.
What are my 5 or 6 Big Dreams?
As you can see, a lot of these Big Dreams are still in the Belief section even though we feel like we are in resistance.
This is great as you know you can do the deep into the advanced Belief work.
We need to work on the Belief for the 7 Figures.
2 of the Big Dreams here are fear work, and the other 2 are belief work
What are the fears that are coming, and how are they making manifest
It gives so much purpose to the inner work for the day
For you, I would do all the deep work,
What is the belief that it is really coming up?
All the other dreams will lift everything up.
� Jenn
Maybe I am not in the belief stage
I feel like I am taking action, I am doing the belief work.
�‍♀️ Jana
Do you feel like it can happen?
� Jenn
Yes, I have a deep-rooted belief that it will happen.
�‍♀️ Jana
The biggest Dream has the most effect on all the others.
For the 7 Figures, I was in resistance for 4 years
I was also in alignment by travelling around Australia
Clean up all the beliefs around your micro Big Dreams
� Michelle
I have trouble connecting to my Biggest Dream as it seems so unachievable, and it seems unfair to achieve at the expense of my family.
�‍♀️ Jana
If there is a sacrifice at the expense of something that’s not a Big Dream/ not, that’s a goal.
The Big Dream is you doing it your way.
The Big Dream is achieving your Big Dream your way.
If we look at the million dollars
I wanted to have balance, I didn’t want to have to work every day.
This Big Dream was a bit discombobulating at first.
This is me being a full expression of myself, and I am not going to sacrifice that for anyone.
You are a human being, and you have these beautiful Big Dreams coming through you.
� It is a sacrifice to not express yourself
� This means that there is conversations that get to be had, and as a Big Dreamer, we need to step into our power. .
Big Dreams only mean achieving a Big Dream by being yourself.
� Michelle
I start to think about all the ways the Big Dream will happen, and that takes away the Big Dream.
�‍♀️ Jana
This is resistance.
Instead of unplugging that Big Dream, we need to understand that I am in resistance.
It is not one day that you have negative beliefs around your Big Dream
The Belief work happens the whole way.
The core belief will not be fully locked in until you do it
I believe can create a 7 FIGURE Business because I did
I had resistance the whole way.
� Big Dream =
� Big Dream =
The belief work gets to be the shift.
The negative belief gets to be the headliner most days instead of saying, “I am in the Big Dreams, it’s too late, it’s done”.
If you were a sailor and you made the Big Dream and set out to sea
You can’t get into the middle of the ocean and then decide you can’t do it
You can’t turn around
The only way is forward
Let’s flip this belief around and keep moving forward.
Every Big Dream has an assignment for you.
Does this help me move through and take action?
� Once I set my Big Dream.
� I am out to sea
�Its sink, swim or sail on