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Learn to write, create, and submit winning bids with our Bidding Masterclass course

Our exclusive Bidding Masterclass training programme will teach you how to win work. The course is built on extensive industry experience (over 40 years) and detailed, ongoing learning and development research.

Our Bidding Masterclass videos cover the roles and responsibilities of your bid team members and a deep dive into each phase of the bid lifecycle, including:

1) Research and Pursue – Thoroughly researching opportunities and their environment to inform the bid decision and position yourself to win.
2) Bid Decisions – Making robust collaborative decisions on whether you can win, how you will win and committing the right resources
3) Win Strategy and Kick Off – Developing your proposition, win themes and commercial strategy which lead to content development – with everyone in alignment
4) Solution and Story – Designing your service delivery model and using storyboarding to develop winning responses
5) Write and Price – Further refining the content outlined in storyboards into compelling proposal responses and ensuring you are on track to deliver a winning bid to your client
6) Review and Finalise – Reviewing and improving your document to take it from good to great
7) Signoff and Submit – Making sure your proposal is appropriately signed off internally and safely preparing your bid submission for delivery
8) Present and Support – Preparing a winning presentation and supporting your proposition through to deal close
9) Handover and Mobilise – Providing a seamless handover of the secured work to your delivery team to set them up for success

Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP)
APMP offers the world’s first, best and only industry-recognised certification program for professionals working in a bid and proposal environment. APMP certification is the global standard for developing and demonstrating proposal management competency.
Anyone, anywhere can either attend our bidding masterclasses or watch our online bid training video programmes before going on to take the APMP online Foundation exams.*

Achieving APMP Certification:
• Demonstrates a personal commitment to your career and our profession
• Improves business development capabilities
• Creates a focus on best team practices
• Gains the respect and credibility of peers, clients and organisational leaders
• Reinforces bid/proposal management as a strategic function within an organisation rather than “just” sales support
For more information on joining nearly 10,000 people in becoming accredited members, please go to the APMP site here: https://

Knowledge Transfer & Capability Development
Training or structured learning is only one part of how we enable winners and create value. We also work alongside client teams to help raise their skills. We use digital tools and processes for coaching, training and embedding best practice in your organisation’s DNA. Please get in touch to learn how we deliver winning capability through structured learning, social learning and on the job interventions.

*There are additional charges for APMP membership and exam fees to be paid to the APMP via their examination partners.