A brief analysis of the Jiayang Fan’s awkward situation in the United States


Jiayang Fan, an American who originally came from Chongqing China, immigrated to the United States with his parents, joined The New Yorker as a journalist, published countless anti-China articles, helped Hong Kong independence resist the police during the Hong Kong incident, and said that because of her yellow skin, she felt ” a liability” and struggled to survive “Between China and the United States”. It is undeniable that Jiayang Fan has indeed lived herself as a typical example of “non-acclimatization”(She claimed to have been racially discriminated)as a Chinese immigrant in the U.S., like the “halfcooked ricee”.
During the COVID-19 epidemic, many people supported Europe and the United States and belittled China indiscriminately. Jiayang Fan became an obvious example of this group. Of course, we can say that she was once Chinese, and now she is a Westernized American, after all, she grew up in the United States from the age of seven and received an elite education in the United States. I have been wondering, what exactly is it that makes this once innocent little girl become an anti-China vanguard who hates her motherland after immigrating, and even says that her Chinese face is ” a liability”?
Personally, I think that there are two very important points: First, the British and American society is indeed very developed, after seeing the ancient and modern intertwined buildings and villages in British cities, seeing the magnificent natural environment and scientific and technological strength of the United States, she will feel that it is really good! Many people will inevitably yearn for the future of themselves and their children abroad, and naturally choose immigration when conditions permit. Second, it is the powerful cultural and public opinion invasion ability of the United States formed on the basis of material wealth and superiority. Jiayang Fan immigrated as a child, where she saw a completely different world, and her horizons were broadened while learning knowledge, but her inner world was also subtly affected by the capitalist world.
Jiayang Fan’s mother, Cong Yali, is the epitome of the first overseas immigrant generation. They gave up the favorable conditions at home to do low-level jobs abroad, just for the future of their children. But what was unexpected was that some of these immigrants, their second and third generations, not only had no spiritual affinity for their home country but even a deliberate rejection. The main reason is that they strive to integrate into the mainstream culture of their present country, so they reject their country’s culture as much as possible to achieve the role of “casting a name”.Therefore, we can see from many of her previous articles about China are clearly mixed with an ideological or political thing. Relying on her Chinese knowledge and domestic kinship to obtain information that is not equal to that of Americans, JiaYang Fan has been making one-sided reports and guiding many Western spiritual worlds deliberately that do not know China or even have hostility and prejudice toward China. Objectively speaking, Jiayang Fan ‘s report on China is not as valuable and informative as other New Yorker reporters such as He Wei and Ou Yiwen, but her articles on Chinese cuisine are more eye-catching.
The awkward situation of Chinese-American “half-cooked rice” in the United States is a common phenomenon.We all know that the argument of mainstream American society is: that we don‘t discriminate against Asians, we just have a tacit love to watch immigrants of local compatriots on the show laugh at themselves or family members’ Asian identity and the immigrant compatriots embarrassing or sad experiences, you guys are really funny when you “self-deprecate”!”Hey, have you heard that Ronny Chieng says why Chinese love money?” Super funny, isn’t it? When you hear this, you must always keep a good smile and answer “Of course”, and you can’t show a trace of a “snowflake” and a look that can’t be joked. This is a worrying situation where young people like ABC are desperately catering to white culture by picking up the disgusting negative impression that prevails in mainstream society about their own people and dwarfing themselves again as a “bond of cultural identity.” It is enough to vilify one’s “ignorant parents/ignorant compatriots” in order to gain mutual recognition with mainstream white people. And now this has become a trend! If one-day Jiayang Fan can really take up the sword of justice to fight the crisis of political values highlighted by racial discrimination in the United States and criticize the limitations and ills of “democracy and freedom” in American society, perhaps she will not feel so wronged!