Mini Dual Click Pen – Greatest Pen Ever?


I have been collecting EDC pens for a while now. Once I discovered BigiDesigns ‘mini’ pen line, they have become my favorite go to carry pens. Their mini bolt action had been my favorite of all my pens, that is until I received the Mini Dual Click Pen. The Mini Dual Click checks every single box that I look for in a pen. Its super fidgety, it’s really compact, it handles/writes really well, and it can take my favorite type of ink. I was skeptical at first, it felt little grindy, but after playing with it a bit, it smoothed all out. I have not switched back to any of my other pens since I got this, normally I like to change it up each day, but this pen is too freaking fun and nice to write with that I can’t bring myself to switch to anything else. So, I finally broke down and ordered another dual click, this way I can go back to having some variety in my carries, at least in terms of color. I’m super impressed with this pen, and I can’t wait to see what BigiDesign comes up with next.

Pro-Tip – I have tried many… many different ink refills, especially Gel Ink refills, and I think I found the best refill. “Zebra Gel Rollerball Refill – 0.5mm”.