HA For Timelapse – EP68 – Shape Based Characters – 29/07/2022


Spent this session trying to make abstract shape-based characters. I was explaining my process but sadly I didn’t return the microphone volume to full so it was a mute stream unfortunately. This is not the first time I’ve done this, it probably won’t be the last either lol. All in all it was a fun night despite people not hearing me at all.

This is actually a continuation on from my professor stream (you can find the time-lapse here – https://vimeo.com/734555348) as the character changed from a professor to shaped based characters. We will have to see if It evolves further from here, this is the more fun rendition the others are faceless design – that’s gonna take some practice!

Just to let you know you can find my live channel over on twitch at the following link – https://www.twitch.tv/hellartstitch. You can see all of my pieces on the Hell Art Instagram here – https://www.instagram.com/hellartstitch.