Suffocating Relationships


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Suffocating Relationships

In this episode Melissa Krechler and Elizabeth Soto-Baez discuss what it feels like when you are drowning and suffocating in your relationship and how you can find out what those feelings mean for you.

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Guest Speaker is Elizabeth Soto-Baez

Elizabeth Soto-Baez is a transformational and mastery certified Women’s Empowerment Coach. She works with divorced women in their 30’s and 40’s who have lost their identity, self-worth & passion for life. After losing herself in a 13 year marriage, Elizabeth now desires to draw women back to themselves. She helps women build the lines of communication within, igniting self-love so they can show up in the world empowered, pursuing their passions.

Elizabeth created Launch Your Life Coaching as a community for women to safely shed societal & cultural expectations and reclaim their intuition and personal power. No longer lost or on autopilot, Elizabeth works to make conscious decisions about how she shows up in the world, honoring herself first in order to love and serve others well.

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Host is Melissa Krechler

Melissa is fiercely passionate about our ability to create a life and love that sets our souls on fire. Her focus is mindset, spirituality, and self-awareness. Melissa lives in Central Canada with her husband, children and multitude of cats that put her in the crazy cat lady status. Her family and the ability to experience life as it is meant to be experienced is what drives Melissa to create in abundance. Melissa has created multiple businesses to help create authenticity, inclusivity, self-love, and acceptance.

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