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When faced with the reality that the failure to get pregnant is an issue that requires IVF or Test tube Baby treatment, the first concern is the cost of IVF. Patients take pains to locate the providers of ‘the most affordable IVF treatment’, ‘cheap cost IVF treatment’, etc, not realizing that it is not IVF cycles that is the concern. They should be searching for the provider of ‘the least cost to pregnancy’.
Which is actually more important, than the cost of a single IVF cycle.
In this video we will be addressing the different ways by which the fertilization can be achieved and how they are different from each other and how much is the cost effect of such type of procedures.
In ICF or Test tube baby process the sperms and the eggs are retrieved from the male and female partner respectively and made to fuse in a petri plate. The embryo so formed is been transferred to the uterus of woman.
Another procedure which is often been performed is ICSI, that is intracytoplasmic sperm injection. This procedure is very helpful in case of ,any sperm motility issue. What we do in this procedure, is injecting the sperm directly over the egg that will ensure the fusion and embryo will be formed.
Going one more step ahead, is the discovery of IMSI, that is intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection. in this the sperm which is of a good quality is selected and made to fuse over the egg and the embryo which is formed,is transferred to uterus.
We may have a good fertilization rate or good success with ICSI,but sometimes the quality of the sperm makes lot of difference.
To overcome this challenge the IMSI,is a improved technology which came into existence ,which has a good fertilization chances.
When the success rate is high, the number of cycles to achieve the same are less so the cost of such cycles are also less.
There are many cases, where the ICSI or IMSI can yield the positive results, when there is a problem or issue with the sperm motility or morphology.
Since it’s a complex procedure,there are many components which affect the cost of healthy pregnancy.

We will see in detail about D3 ot D5 embryo transfer and success rate.
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