Dad sent me an email yesterday

“I’m going to hear the bells tomorrow, let me know if you care to join. Love.”

“Can you pick me up on your way from downtown?”

“See you tomorrow at 11:30.”


Four movements.
We spent the first under direct sunlight
looking up at the bright-light sky
And the tower, up above.

Across from the source

Second movement we walked across the parking lot
Found a patch of grass
Behind this great solid structure

In the end, we talked about how fluid the sky flows
adjacent to the manicured trim limestone

The wind along the grass and the sounds of street traffic from the bustling Euclid Avenue
The Carillon Accompaniments.

Laughing joyfully as we both exclaimed the bliss of being set free during that half hour experience
Lunch break
Backs on the grass, knees up, gazing eyes bridge the crossroad to the infinity up above.


*** I figure you are focused on picture for the submission, however with the bells chiming in this video I would like to share that I did ask the Carillonneur, George Leggiero, if I could use this recording of his music today and he gave me permission to experiment. The video & audio used for this video were recorded on my mobile, then edited on the wonky editing software that goes on this thing.

Catherine Anne Pace

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^Nick Cave sent out a request for phone footage after the release of his new album, Seven Psalms. I had an idea to send video portraying a moment of raging anger from earlier this year, but I held the thought. Fortunately, out of that tunnel, I don’t have the wish to share anger in this moment now. Anger will come around again, just as the time to express this anger will come again as well. For now, I am riding out this moment of wonder and excitement. Humankind festers misery and there is a beauty and mutual understanding for it. There are moments I can take the blinders off and immerse in the world beyond circumstance, however, and these moments are also to be cherished in gospel.