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How can Call Reluctance and Procrastination can affect all aspects of your sales performance and lead to increased frustration with yourself?

What are the signs of call reluctance and procrastination?

Isn’t it strange that the task of actually making calls will lead to opportunities but we avoid the thing that will lead to success?

Read the list below and see if they relate to you or your team:
• You/ the sales team take a long time to sit down to actually make the first call
• You/ the sales team make about 5 calls and suddenly stop for no reason
• You/ the sales team get up of your chair and look for any excuse to move around, talk to someone, make a coffee.
• You/the sales team when you are back at your desk, you firstly check your email, and social, etc and it takes a long time before the next call is made.
• You/ the sales teams when your calling session is finally finished you feel a big relief and tell yourself, you have worked really hard and need a break and you have checked out mentally for the whole day.

Is this YOU?
You may not be aware, but this is costing you big time in commissions and opportunities, and it happens to a lot of sales people.

Do you want to do something about this?

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