Dynegy: What is a Renewable Energy Credit?


Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) are the most simple, cost-effective way to go green. This solution provides businesses a renewable option that doesn’t require any upfront investment or long-term commitment. A Renewable Energy Credit (REC) is issued when one megawatt-hour (MWh) of renewable energy is generated and delivered to the grid.

RECs represent the environmental and renewable attributes of green generation which allows your business to claim the energy you use as renewable to meet your sustainability goals and communicate your green choice. RECs can be sourced from any renewable energy source.
National Wind and Solar RECS are most common. Dynegy can also work with your business to source renewable energy locally or from other assets.

RECs can be included in your standard retail commodity contract at a fixed cost to cover any percentage of your energy usage from 1 – 100%. Dynegy offers RECs that are Green-e Energy certified and helps you meet the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership program.

The easiest way to go green is with Dynegy’s Renewable Flex solution that provides RECs. This solution provides businesses like yours with a simple, cost-effective renewable option that does not require any upfront investment or long-term commitments.

With renewable options for businesses of all sizes, we’ll help you find a renewable electricity plan that prioritizes savings and helps you meet your sustainability goals.

Let Dynegy be your partner in building a greener tomorrow. Take the first step today and put us to work for you: https://www.dynegy.com/businesses/request-a-quote-large-business