The Making of Mamma Mia Chef Sauce


This collaboration between Spark Media and Mamma Mia was inspired by testing our newly established client intake system. Not only did we create some fantastic content for the brand, but this opportunity also allowed us to experiment with shots and storyboards with the client, turning ideas into reality.

In the video, we captured the main ingredients used to make one of the pasta sauces named ‘The Drunken Italian.’ The process was filmed in an industrial production factory located in Burnaby. Being a food-related site, we had to comply with FDA standards and maintain distance between workers, all while attempting to capture clean and uninterrupted shots.

Isabella Ciambrelli, the founder of Mamma Mia Chef, was the perfect candidate. Once she established her needs and requirements during our first meeting, she gave us the freedom to take charge of all creative and visual assets. These assets play a significant role in representing any brand, which is why it is considered a critical and heavily restricted part of the process when working as a media agency.