Cancer Got Evicted & I Got Elevated


Thanks to Rebekah I know that cancer came as a Katalyst to promote me into my own next level of leadership.

Thanks to Tyra I know that sometimes God allows trauma, pain, and borrowed beliefs to be physically carved out of you in order to propel you ahead in your purpose driven path.

Thanks to Nory, OMG I can’t even state all the things there are so many that I tear up just thinking of our journey together—- but thanks to Nory I know that I don’t have to focus on what I don’t want when the option is there to focus on what I do want. I love her so much. She is to me what I am to so many. She is indeed the coaches coach. Real. Raw. Relentless. About her clients well-being, riches, and reaching the next level.

Thanks to Karen, even on my worst days, even when the most dreaded thoughts arose, I knew that I could lean into one simple thought… “what would you do if you already knew you had won”. She also empowered me to know that I could write this story, share this journey, and be my most authentic self at all times. Her phone always on, her responses always right on time.

Thanks to Jenn B. , whoa what a journey we have been on together- one that I never would have imagined would lead us to where we are today but listen thanks to Jenn for being a safe space!!! She is the first professional connection that I shared this with and she handled me and the situation with SUCH skill and care and love. I am forever grateful.

Thanks to Emem & Tia and my “Get To The Money Girl Gang” knew that they knew everything was gonna be alright even in days I wasn’t so sure. The confidence with which they spoke over my situation… honey I had no choice but to step into the knowing that no matter what I faced everything would work in my favor.

Thanks to Chef Erica (by way of Nory) I learned that “I may not NEED help but I would like some” is the perfect thought and response anytime I wanted to put my superwoman cape on.

Thanks to Davis, Jenny, Joana, Neelu, Noorin, Katy, Wendy, Jared and my entire World Bridgers family I learned that it’s ok to cry. I always said I knew it I always said “crying is a cleansing” but they taught me to fully embody it with ease.

Thanks to Audria— whew we’ve been through some things, especially this year— supporting each other through it all. I learned that when someone asks what you need… you tell them! Stop saying “I’m ok” or “idk” . Accept the help and feel good about it.

Thanks to Tina I learned that I can stand solid in my decisions and not feel any guilt about them at all. I also was so graciously reminded that cancer is just a pebble in my shoe. I love her forever and we will remain connected.

Thanks to my entire Kickstart Your Edge Family for all the love and support even from afar… I learned that an outpouring of love, listening ears, and bad a** boss coaches ARE ALWAYS great company.

Thanks to two of my favorite Rockstars Angelique and Dee C. I learned that your people will come and look for you to live on you. There’s no hiding, nobody gets to take your spot, steal your shine, and that there is always a seat at the table.

Thanks to my Afnan I learned that my request to live happy and healthy til my 90s is still totally doable post breast cancer and the feisty aunties to prove it can be produced on demand if need be. ���

Thanks to my Phi Kappa Omega Sorors, The Illustrious Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, and my 50 Pearls of G.R.A.C.E. — My Line Sisters I am reminded of the power of prayer — collective prayer. I learned just how quickly a Chosen Family — the family I get to pick can step up and stand in The gap for you and your children.

Thanks to Taylor, my brother from another mother, and the entire Lead with Hospitality Family I learned that the status quo will always be followed by the zone of disruption but just a tiny bit beyond that is the zone of better performance. Cancer indeed came to disrupt some thing

Every single person or group I mentioned above I met by chance, by Gods alignment, the are my chosen family. You are living proof that what meant for me won’t miss me. I love y’all so much.

And thanks to my God-Given family, My 20+ year friends who are my family, my BFF’s and my AMAZING sister circle whew Lord it’s too many of y’all to mention by name but you know who you are and you know what it is. NEXT STOP TOP Baby! I

Time to turn this mess into a message for the masses.

I love y’all for free.