Big Learning Results with Little Experiments with Shannon Tipton- IDIODC Ep #194


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Well, it’s pretty simple. Instructional Designers In Offices Drinking Coffee, IDIODC for short, is a weekly, live video and podcast used to help ID’s with pain points and provide best practices and insight. Every Wednesday morning at 10 am ET, the upbeat and candid conversation encourages peers to participate in the chat and share their own personal insight! Often bringing on guests, our hosts Brent Schlenker and Chris Van Wingerden keep it real with objective points fit for people looking for 2022-friendly eLearning advice to better the L&D world.

Damn it, Jim! I’m an Instructional Designer! Not a scientist!

That may be so, but it doesn’t mean you can’t perform experiments. Testing things out is how we learn. You can ask experts, consultants, and thought leaders, to give you all the answers, but you’ll never truly know what will work until you do it. So, let’s learn how to experiment within L&D.

Trying things out first is how we gain the confidence to make decisions. And the biggest decision you need to make is how can you improve your work, your team, your training designs, and your career.

Shannon Tipton joins us to talk about the insights she gained doing research with Laura Overton. In the middle of 2020 they asked 32 practitioners/thinkers from around the globe “How can L&D emerge stronger from the pandemic?”

It turns out that the ability to experiment, try something new, fail fast and learn faster has been a characteristic of high performing learning teams throughout the disruption of the pandemic. Experiments in L&D are under-utilised and misunderstood. What they found is that the right experiments at the right time work. They release creativity and empower innovation through exploration.

We’ll discuss some of the follow elements of experimentation that YOU can use today:
– The anatomy of a great experiment
– How to take evidence informed risks
– Who to involve and when
– Why a pilot is not an experiment
– Tactics that work (and don’t work)

Tune in for this practical conversation we can all use in our daily work.

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