Google Ads Expert – How To Hire A Google Ads Specialist Or PPC Specialist


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Hiring a Google Ads expert is not easy. There are so many things to keep in mind. If you’re looking to hire one, consider the attributes that we’ve explained in this video. Watch now.

If you have to hire some resource for Google Ads, what’s the first attribute you look into the individual? Great question. So I guess you want to expand your team. So there’s two ways you can hire people. Sometimes quite often we will hire somebody who doesn’t know anything. So we train them, we teach them our systems, our workflows and so on. It may take them a little bit of a while six months to a year so we start them as an intern as a junior and then as they get the confidence they get better we progress them with the job as well. Sometimes you need somebody who is good.

So what you want to do is in the interview process just don’t look at the CV and see what they’ve done in the past which companies they’ve worked in and so on do a live audit like this open up your screen one of the accounts and said okay tell me how you would look at this account how are you going to audit this and potentially what are the leakages and the wastage in this account and how you can stop it to make it more profitable because when you are talking to somebody face to face there’s no hiding place right a lot of marketers shy away from going live like this because they don’t know what is going to be thrown at them I don’t know what questions are going to pop up and I do bring them up on the screen I’m not saying I know everything sometimes I don’t know so I’ll be honest enough and I said look I don’t know this or I’m not the best person to ask this question so it’s no shame and not knowing anything, it’s just you keep on learning as you go. So I think if that is your question, then that’s how I would do it, but if you’re looking at some resource for hiring then you need to have your hiring SOPs in place and that we can talk about in one of the other sessions if enough people need it to know how to hire people.