2022-05-25_Money and Medical Devices: First Steps Towards Funding Your Medical Startup


Finding your first investment funding requires building connections to the innovation ecosystem and learning how to talk about your idea as a company. Turning an idea into a product isn’t easy in any industry, but in the medical device industry innovators face challenges barely imaginable to innovators in other sectors.
How does anybody make it work? Join this MDG program to learn how to take your first steps on the way to turning your medical device idea into a product.
This MDG program will:
Introduce you to some of the experts shepherding innovators into the innovation ecosystem
Teach you best practices for approaching and becoming involved in the innovation ecosystem
Provide an introduction to technology incubators, university-based innovation centers, corporate partner innovation/development centers, and angel investors
Help you to begin building your support network for seeking investments for your idea
Help you determine the first step for turning your idea into a plan and then a product
Prepare medical device innovators to identify the steps to grow an idea into a real plan and product that interests investors.