The Trailer Wizard of Oz 2022


Of all the theatrical experiences I’ve been fortunate enough to have in life, I promise you there’s no experience that can match the passion of a youth theatre production. There’s many reasons for this but one is that young casts are never afraid to dream big!

I must take a minute to thank my creative team, Hope, Hans, and Tyler. Their professionalism and skill have been unmatched, and the dreams of this show would not be possible without them. I should also recognize our sponsors Ms. Beth Ingram, Ms. Joan Horan, and Dr. Robert Claassen. They dared to dream with us and we are incredibly thankful. And finally, to the parents who not only share these exceptionally talented kids with us, but who have also worked diligently behind the scenes to make our dreams come true… Thank You.

I have always approached First Act productions with the same vision as I would a professional show because I have learned time and time again that when given the opportunity a First Act cast will always surpass our wildest expectations. If the kids will reach for the sky, I will too! And so accompanying the incredibly talented students, this production will have animated projections, flying illusions, and other surprises to help us on our magical journey from Kansas to Oz. Always dream big because as Dorothy so beautiful sing “the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true.”

Enjoy the show,
Joe Bellinger