Very Convenient Light Duty Compressor Will Fill a Truck Tire. We Tested It!


The Oasser compressor is a very convenient, light, and easy to handle inflator. It is great for occasional use and light-duty jobs as the occasional tire fill. We thought it might be a good supplement for use during off-roading when tires are air down and reinflated after the trail but after reading the manual the manufacturer states it’s not for truck tires but that did not stop us from evaluating it from that perspective. Read on for our impressions:

The Good:
— EASY TO HANDLE: Very light and easy to handle. The grip is comfortable in my glove size large hands.
— EASY SET UP: The controls are intuitive and easy to set for the max pressure you want to inflate to.
— AUTO STOP WORKS WELL: The pressure set works well and stopped the inflation exactly at the setting we entered.
We compared the pressure to 2 other devices we know to be accurate and the Oasser was dead on.
— AIRTIGHT COUPLING: The coupling with its locking tab held securely and was airtight.
— BACKLIGHT DISPLAY VERY HELPFUL: The display is backlit and that’s very helpful to read the display even in the daylight.
— BATTERY LEVEL PROVIDED: A battery level is provided in the LCD display vs on the battery itself.
— TASK LIGHT IS GREAT: The task light consists of 6 LEDs turned on by a switch on top and will be invaluable to light up the tire on a dark night.
I was initially concerned that one would have to hold the trigger down but it only takes one push to start and it will run unattended until the max pressure setting is reached or until you press the trigger again.

The Bad:
— LOW CFM: The manufacture does not mention the rate the compressor can provide compressed air measured as Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) in any of their documentation because it’s so low. We measured about 0.9 CFM for the unit. This compared to a 12VDC powered compressor in the same price range that is typically 2.5 CFM.
— LONG INFLATE TIMES: Directly as a result of the low CFM mentioned above, the time to inflate a single tire 285/70R17 from 17 PSI to 36 PSI takes 5 minutes 46 seconds. Comparatively, a 2.5 CFM compressor takes 2 minutes 6 seconds or 1/3 as long.
— LONG COOL DOWN TIMES: The manual states the unit should cool for 10 minutes after 8 minutes of use. So to fill the 4 tires mentioned above, will fill and cool times would take close to 45 minutes.
— LONG CHARGE TIME: The manual states it can take 8 hours to charge and it did on the first charge we did.
— COULD USE A LONGER HOSE: The hose is only about 1ft long. 3 ft would have been more convenient. Unless the valve is at the bottom, the compressor will hang from its hose.
The hose does not have a swivel on the nozzle so there can be some awkward twisting to get the nozzle attached.

CONCLUSION: The Oasser compressor is a fine compressor for light-duty infrequent jobs due to its lightness and ease of use. This unit is all about the convenience of use. The manufacture states it’s not for truck tires but it works as we demonstrated, it just takes a long time to fill so I’m not going to knock it for how I wanted to use it to fill truck tires. I give it 5 stars for its advertised application. However, for about the same price show at the time of this review ($59), you can get a larger CFM and more robust compressor that runs off the car battery.