32 Baxter St, Worcester, MA


See the Property Website! http://32baxter.com/idx :: FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH…(Letter from the Sellers) Close your eyes and imagine a story book cottage: Set back from a busy road, the front of the house is draped in beautiful foliage, shaded by an enormous Japanese Maple that turns a stunning crimson in the fall, the yard is dotted by careful landscaping that looks like it could take over at any moment, but never quite does. In the back, just on the edge of an enormous back yard that serves as a playground for birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and humans, a small wild garden grows just outside your kitchen door, giant purple daisies, foxgloves, poppies, and irises ride and fall throughout spring and summer. In the shadow of the flowers and trees, stands a little black house and behind the red front door, there are some special surprises waiting inside? Each room of 32 Baxter has been lovingly and thoughtfully reimagined. Whimsical wall paper from England cover the walls of the foyer, living room, and dining room. Artful tile work adorns the once simple countertops of the first floor bathroom, the face of the fireplace, and the black and white Spanish porcelain tiles on the kitchen floor are so dramatically distracting that no one will ever even notice any dirt! Other points of note include built-in cabinets in the dining room that are painted the brightest red, tying in beautifully with the ostriches and poppies on the opposing wall; Coke bottle stained glass window; craftily restored kitchen cabinets hand painted with white enamel and adorned with mismatched yet handpicked complimentary hardware; Tiffany style light fixture and gorgeous antiqued chandelier; refinished, new, or refurbished trim in every room; tremendous walk-in closet with enough room for 2 serious dandies! One of my favorite things about 32 Baxter is laying down in an upstairs bedroom and listening to the wind during a storm. It is safe here. This house has stood for nearly 100 years, and it is indifferent to the weather. It never sways, wind does not penetrate its well built walls, it does not leak, squeak, or rattle. It is strong and calm in even the worst kind of weather. With a new house, you can never know what will go wrong. It is untested. It might flood, cave, rupture, or settle. Older homes, like this one, do not. All of the issues are known. It has stood for longer than we?ve been alive. Well cared for, it has not eroded in strength, rather it has merely grown richer in character. Built to code but not for beauty, newer homes can never achieve the whimsical charm of this one. If I could carry this house on my back for the rest of my life, I would never leave it. Something about it speaks to both the darkest and lightest parts of my nature. I hope that whoever lives in it next loves it half as much as I have. Edie and Mark Blewett