The amazing Smoky Beast


Purchased the Smoky Beast from a few weeks ago. Absolutely brilliant customer service from Neil and Allison at FIREPIT, and a genuinely amazing product! I got tired of using gas BBQs, and didnt want a pellet grill, but I wanted the option of grill mode and smoke mode – the Smoky Beast delivers very well on both counts. It does take a bit of practice to regulate temperatures, but for me thats part of the fun. Especially when using it in combo mode – wood in the firebox and charcoal under the grate, the grill can get extremely hot if you get it wrong! The combo mode produces great grilling results with a real smoke flavour. I did chicken thighs, tomahawk steak, sausages and ribs in this mode – super tasty. For my first smoke, I did a 2.5kg pork shoulder, with wood mix of 2 oak / 1 cherry / 1 apple logs – took about 9 hours on low and slow – outstanding flavour and texture. The after sales support from Neil was also really good and helpful, just discussing how to get the best out of “the Beast” – not many suppliers where you feel that they actually care about the product and the customers ongoing experience post sale. The best BBQ buying decision I have ever made! (Note – a couple of other videos were to large to load, but have them – smoking of the pork shoulder).