Self-Portrait: A Tribute Poem for Mother’s Day & Mom by Mark Anthony Thomas


Self Portrait, a poetic tribute by author and poet Mark Anthony Thomas, to mothers, moms, and grandmothers, produced for Mother’s Day 2011 by L.A. Thompson (

Our steps are all taken in fears―
our doors open with hands that shiver;
our microphones echo voices that crack …

we tumble into the crowds,
lessened by life’s fall-downs,

Then we reach for help
as God points us to His
supernova undisguised …

We just call you ma.

we take you for granted
we forget to call;

and while my eyes
have led me down
winding roads, along railways
and onto flights;

too often have I left
my instincts to be educated
by wolves

believing I could
walk on life’s most
turbulent bodies of water

armed with just a
substitute for love.

crashing into darkness.
only to see, the

kaleidoscope of all the love
you’ve given me,
is all I must aspire to be.

It’s easy for you to feel

overwhelmed by all the
things a mother is equipped
to receive;

though you may
never believe,

God knows your heart.
Because He is your heart.

It’s the portrait
of His greatest loves ;

And in every sequence of
life we live to see,

It always comes back to be,

That the mural all the love
you’ve given me,
is all I must aspire to be.

And Ma,
in this world where mothers give us

the people who make us laugh,
and those who inspire us to soar.

the people who bring us joy,
and those we fight our battles for.

Those we’ve let down,
and their hearts you then console.

Those who’ve hurt others,
and the remorse you help unfold,

Because, you never leave.

Some days,
arriving in tears.
Knowing we take all of our
steps in fears-

tumbling and rolling head-first
into the crowds,

lessened by life’s highest ups and

You never leave.

We just call for you ma.
We just call for you grandma
We just send tears to you angel.

Knowing, believing
only to see, the

portrait of all the love
you’ve given me, is all
I aspire to be.

and all I can ask to be.

Mark Anthony Thomas
Copyright © 2011