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Replacement Theory You Cant Be Replaced! Leadership expert Dr Rick Goodman shares his insight on the replacement theory as he explains that you are unique and can never be replaced! Replacement theory you can’t be replaced let me tell you something a number of years ago when I was going through my divorce I thought I could be replaced to and I’ll never forget I was talking about it from the stage you know when you go through something like that you think someone can replace you almost like people thinking that others can replace them in this world it doesn’t happen unless you let it see I thought I could be replaced I’ll never forget I was talking about it in Oklahoma City and I was on stage giving a speech discussing what was going on my life it wasn’t good at the time but the main thing that was in my brain was I could be replaced that someone else was going to marry my ex-wife someone was going to be replacing me as my kids father and it drove me insane and I talked about it and talked about it and talked about it and then I must have talked about in Oklahoma City and I’ll never forget an older gentleman came walking up to me I don’t know who he was but he gave me the golden advice and he said the only way that you can be replaced is if you let it happen I made a decision at that moment I was never going to let it happen I made sure my children were at the time were only one in five years old I called them every single day without missing a day whether they got the message or not I called every single day I put that time that effort in years later my daughter and I wrote a book together Jamie journey travels with my dad and we were on the Today show and I’ll never forget my daughter saying my dad moved away when we were very young but the one thing he did was he made sure to call us every single day and this was her way of showing me how she cared about me and she was putting the time in also.the only way you could be replaced is if you let it happen if you let people get involved and you’re not involved you could be replaced so it’s your job to be that solutions oriented leader it’s your job to make the effort it’s your job to get involved and when you do you will never be replaced because to replacement theory it’s not going to happen to you because you are unique you are different you aren’t individual who can never be replaced on this planet there is no one like you there will never be another one like you in the world this Dr Rick Goodman the leadership expert the author of the Solutions Oriented Leader saying replacement theory no way you’re not going to be replaced as I was replaced either so go out there make it happen get involved take charge and will never be replaced. Dr. Rick Goodman uses business intelligence and is one of the most sought-after leadership and engagement experts today. His keynote presentations and workshops have produced transformational results leading to highly engaged employees, increased productivity, and HIGHER PROFITS. He was recently ranked #9 in the Top 30 Global Guru’s for 2022 in Leadership.
Dr. Rick has delivered over 1,000 presentations in all 50 states and in 28 countries. He is a “Certified Speaking Professional” (CSP), which is the speaker profession’s international measure of speaking experience and skill. Fewer than one percent of all professional speakers worldwide hold this designation.
In addition to his 30-year speaking career, Dr. Rick Goodman is the author of three books: His first book titled “Living A Championship Life – A Game Plan for Success” combined his success philosophy with stories compiled during his tenure as one of the team physicians for the Super Bowl Champion St. Louis Rams.
His quest to solve our world’s newest challenge, communicating with our children in the age of social media and cell phones led to the book “Jamie’s Journey – Travels with My Dad” written by his then 16-year-old daughter. Dr. Rick’s latest book “The Solutions Oriented Leader – Your Comprehensive Guide to Achieve World-Class Results” was #1 on Amazon when it was released.
Dr. Rick is also a successful entrepreneur who walks his talk and shares his winning philosophies with his audiences. He has built several extremely successful multimillion-dollar businesses and uses those experiences to provide solutions for his clients and audiences throughout the world. matpat