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SS Leaders 05-08-22

Guatemala Informational Meeting – Wed, May 11 – 5pm
– Grab Dinner – Bring it to Room 111
– Space is limited for this mission trip

Discover First Class – Wed, May 11 & 18 – 6pm
– In the Worship Center
– For those new to First Baptist
– Led by Brant O’Connor

Weatherly Baby Shower – Sun, May 15 – 2pm
– In the Bridge
– Whole church is invited
– Registered at Amazon & Target

Explore the Bible – May 8 – 2 Thessalonians 1:3-12

Last Week: Salvation is demonstrated through God-honoring lives

This Week: Christ enables believers to persevere with faithfulness

– Paul wrote his second letter to the Thessalonians about 6 months after the first one
– Silas & Timothy had just returned from taking the first letter
– Not much had changed in the church, but Paul was clarifying a few more things about Christ’s Return
– They were still facing persecution, so Paul was encouraging them

Opening Question: ?? Whenever you feel like giving up, what keeps you going ??
– Knowing that I’m working toward something bigger than myself
– Discouragement and bad days happen for everybody
– Our emotions take us on a roller coaster
– But God is constant, steady, & faithful
– He’ll give us strength we need & work out His Will no matter what

READ 2Thess 1:3-4
?? How does Paul say he feels about the church in Thessalonica ??
– He is thankful to God
– He brags about them to other churches
– Paul is sincere; it’s not just flattery or formality

?? Why is Paul so proud of the church ??
– Their faith is strong & growing
– Their love for each other is evident
– They are pressing on through very difficult times
– God is answering Paul’s previous prayers (1Thess 3:12)
– Silas & Timothy could see a change even in that short time

?? What is God’s purpose for the challenges, frustrations, & hard times in our lives ??
– To drive us to Him – dependence, reliance, faith
– He wants to strengthen us
– Remind us we aren’t in control
– We need to take a different approach than the world
– Consider it joy (Jam 1)

?? When you face difficulties & road blocks, do you see it as an opportunity for God to show His glory ??
– Our thoughts should go first to Him
– Our goal is to be transformed to His likeness
– Struggles & hardships allow God to teach & grow us
– They also require God’s action to get us through them
– Anytime God needs to step in, the results are amazing!

READ 2Thess 1:5-10
?? How is their love and faith evidence that God’s judgment is right ??
– The Thessalonians are suffering, hurting, & probably tempted to think that God is being unfair to them
– But because they are able to endure, grow in their faith, & face these things with joy, it proves that God is providing for their needs, will continue to do so, & one day fix everything
– God Is Faithful
– Perspective is everything
– They could easily focus on the negative, but Paul wants them to see everything that God is doing for them

?? What does Paul promise will happen in the future ??
– Those who are causing trouble will get what’s coming to them
– Whoever doesn’t believe in Christ will be punished & separated from God forever
– Believers will get relief from their troubles
– They will see & participate in the glory of Christ
– They will be made perfectly holy & fulfill their God-given purpose

?? When will all of this happen ??
– On the Day Christ Returns
– He will be revealed in heaven with His powerful angels
– It will be a magnificent sight – unmistakable
– Dreadful for the unbelieving; Glorious for believers

?? Are you anticipating that Day from your core ??
– We should deeply long to be with Christ
– He is our identity, our whole life
– We owe everything to Him
– Everything we do in this life should be with eternity in mind

READ 2Thess 1:11-12
?? How often is Paul praying for them ??
– Constantly – all the time
– Are you praying for God to work through your fellow believers?

?? What does it mean to be worthy of your calling ??
– Isn’t only Christ worthy?
– Phil 1:27 – “conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ”
– God transforms us into His likeness
– The goal is to continually grow spiritually
– You can’t settle for where you’re at – desire progress

?? What else is Paul praying for ??
– That God will give them everything they need to do His work
– If they are focused on God’s Kingdom, God will certainly help them build it
– Jn 14:12-14; Jn 15:7, 16; Jn 16:23 – “whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you”
– Our desire should be His desire; Our purpose should be His because that purpose will never fail

?? What happens when believers fulfill their calling ??
– Jesus is glorified by our lives – people see Him as great
– And God will lift us up too – showing that we belong to Him
– Pursue God’s Glory with your life (1Cor 10:31)