As a child, I was terribly afraid of spiders and fell out of bed screaming if I saw this insect on the wall. After that, I decided to overcome my fear and took the spider in my hands.
Right now, my biggest fear is: “Die before I have time to realize myself.” This fear is “Boss on the level” and he has assistants.
I didn’t have a clear goal of what exactly I want. My ideas about the future are from the category: “Everything will be fine there.” What exactly? How? Why? “Well, it will work out somehow.” I’m afraid that professionals will judge and say: “You and your work are shit!” If they say my work sucks, then I can never fix it. That’s why I rarely post my work.
If they tell me that my work is bad, no one will want to work with me. Then I won’t get any more orders.
It’s like with spiders, at first it’s terribly scary, you can’t look at them. Then you say: “Damn, it’s just a little spider,” and you realize that you exaggerated its size. And then you try to take it in your hands.
Now everything is the same. I know my fear. Having voiced their fears, they became much weaker. It remains only to work on myself and invest in knowledge and increase skills.