Looks amazing! Installation was a bit tricky and instructions were… lacking.


I installed this in a new “IPS modified” shell and it looks amazing. The instructions are mostly pictures with very little text and they skip some steps like connecting the board to the screen. The touch controls are nice but I’ll probably remove them next time I take it apart because they are very sensitive and basically useless if you solder the wire to get the button working. Having minimal soldering experience I was able to solder the wire to the PCB perfectly on my first try but soldering to the end of the wire to the display ribbon took way longer than it should have even with helping hands. After many attempts I finally got the wire soldered to the ribbon but it proceed to pop off about 5 minutes later when I went to go assemble the shell. I found it much easier to solder the wire to the display ribbon after the ribbon was coiled in the hidge, fed through the case, and attached to the PCB (just be extra careful!) Also I used an extremely fine tip which worked great for soldering the wire to the PCB but made soldering it to the ribbon much more difficult for some reason.