The light behind


Solo show at CAAA (Guimarães, Portugal)
March, 05 – April, 30 2022

Revisiting their first photographic project, realised between 2014 and 2015, the Spanish – German duo LEMOS + LEHMANN proposes an immersive experience through image and sound.

The light behind traces a space of intimacy and a time being shared. Over the course of the first year of their relation, LEMOS + LEHMANN would take a picture of each other during breakfast after spending the night together. They were using photography with the sole goal of capturing time – the pace of a love relationship that was still young and uncertain. The habit then turned into a ritual, moreover into their first duo project entailing more than the hundred snapshots.

Each and every photograph of the series is a portrait and a self-portrait. A portrait of whom is in the frame and a self-portrait of whom is shooting. Game that is reinforced in the exhibition proposal made for the CAAA, where the visitor embody one of those roles, confronting themselves with looks and emotions that are no longer alien. They are familiar, they are their own memories, thus connecting with the idea that the most intimate is the most universal.

From these images of the seemingly ordinary, a rich and personal landscape emerges. Life is shown pure, naked, in what appears to be a distant scenery of instability, bliss and desire.