Justice for Jeyasre Kathiravel: H&M Pledges to End Gender-Based Violence in India’s Garment Industry


April 1st 2022, there was a step towards justice for Dalit garment workers in India – H&M signed an agreement to end sexual violence against majority-women garment workers at its largest Indian suppliers.

The move comes after the outrage over Jeyasre Kathiravel an H&M-associated factory worker in Tamil Nadu was murdered by her supervisor a year ago. Jeyasre’s family says she endured sexual harassment at work for months.

Making our mainstream clothes shouldn’t compromise the safety of garment workers in Asia. With this new agreement, all H&M workers, supervisors and executives are required to take gender-based violence training.

The agreement was signed during Dalit History Month, and this is the first time a major clothing brand and a retailer is pledging to do their due diligence to ensure garment workers can thrive in a safe working environment.

Voiceover & Producer Manal Ahmed
Producer Joy Jihyun Jeong + Stephanie Tangkilisan
Researcher Manal Ahmed
Editor Emily Ma