An Unmedicated Man Talks to a Dog


No, not you, dear viewer, I could never even so much as imply such an epithet applies to someone for whom my respect and admiration knows no bounds.

I can’t help wondering, though, if your plan was actually intended all along simply to suss out what I would do when the time came to take the next step. Given all the works of art amongst the willows, I think it entirely fair of you to bait a turtle out of its shell for an examination first, but I do not consider it at all kind to me to continue to project false narratives that erase my existence where silence will do just fine, and in the complete absence of any information about your rationale – a vacuum whose existence is predicated solely on your preference not to contact me directly -, I have no recourse for redress when my feelings are hurt but to capture some snapshot of the ruminations plaguing me now that it appears Joe’s career occupies a more privileged place in your heart than my emotional well-being. [No new impressions @ 11:39pm as I finish the description; time to upload this clip and make all the others private]