FAMILI – We Take Back Our Mother Tongues


Tickets & Info https://www.artshouse.com.au/events/famili-we-take-back-our-mother-tongues/
6 – 7 May 2022

Come and experience the next creation from FAMILI, in a spellbinding evening of queer Pasifika and First Nations music, installation and connection.

Get on your feet and soak your senses in a powerful night of music, movement and mental restoration.

FAMILI brings together 15 artists whose bloodlines hail from Pasifika, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, weaving together some of the most essential queer and Bla(c)k voices across Australia.

Featuring two DJ sets, video and visual installations, and a powerhouse live musical performance at its heart, FAMILI is a multidisciplinary storytelling project in which Oceanic artists represent their complex experiences of culture and identity in diaspora.

The threads that feed into this sonic tapestry draw on hip hop, new wave R&B, Oceanic musicality and more, driven by the powerful currents of queer and LGBTQIA+ experience.

Neo-ancestry, mana and empowered music add alternate voices to the challenging conversations we need to have, while the practices of deep listening and oration are given new opportunities to create change in an evening that welcomes all.

Come experience FAMILI.