It’s actually really empowering


I just finished my 1-week challenge in my Oliver Charles sweater. Super excited to be a part of the challenge and looking forward to supporting Oliver Charles more. Let me tell you why… I found Oliver Charles while I was doing some research because I was super frustrated with my current closet and the types of clothing that I owned. There are a lot of pieces that I rarely wore. My focus recently has been on living a more minimalistic lifestyle. So that means having fewer and better, more functional pieces.

I found my way to the Oliver Charles website and found this gorgeous sweater made of khullu, which is a new experience for me, so decided to try it out.

One thing that I was skeptical about when I first started was whether I could honestly live in a sweater for a week without it smelling. And I did. It worked!

So my sweater arrived right before leaving for a San Francisco trip. I not only wore it on the plane but also throughout my entire week in the city, including remote work. I was able to dress it up with a blazer, some earrings to have that more professional look, and then be able to just walk out and have either a night on the town. I also wore it hiking and exploring the redwoods.

Throughout that whole process, I felt good, the sweater stayed soft. No worry about odor smell at all through this whole challenge. I’m actually on day eight now, which is great.

So I think this is helpful in that it will really take me that next step forward to supporting brands that believe in sustainability and also living a more minimalistic lifestyle by owning and buying better.

I would highly recommend this sweater to anyone who wants to avoid a lot of choices in the morning. It’s so easy just to pull on a sweater, and it’s actually really empowering when you don’t feel self-conscious about what you’re wearing because it’s the same thing every time.

It’s not the focus of your work or your conversation. But it can be if you want it to because this is exciting stuff. Definitely highly recommend it to my friends who are also focused on the same values and looking forward to seeing what Oliver Charles has coming up for them.