Mission Village Community in Valencia, CA – March 2022


The new Mission Village community is located in Valencia, Ca, just west of Magic Mountain.

This video was recorded on March 22, 2022. As construction continues we will replace this video with more current content.

Construction of Mission Village began in 2019 and is the first of 5 new villages planned over a span of 20 years.

Although housing construction continues here in Mission Village, some homes are now complete and occupied. Visit our website to take a look at our most recent photos and read our first hand descriptions. We continue to be excited about this new community and expect it to eventually be a nice addition to the neighborhoods in Valencia, CA.

The village includes multiple home types including stacked flats, detached and attached condos or townhomes and single family homes. However, some are disappointed the single family models are very few.

If you need representation to buy or sell a home, contact local realtors, Matt & Meray of the Gregory Real Estate Group by sending an email to info@gregoryrealestategroup.com.