#2. Here First ~ ������ ���� (Official Video) ���� �’ ������� (EP�)


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�EP : ���� �’ ������� #Track2
���������� �: To Little Plume, Horse & Chief , all who died in a Boarding School assimilating Indigenous children into European traditions � This is for those effected by the Indian Removal Act in 1830 which removed Indians from using their own names, language & practicing their own Culture. This is for those effected from the Dawes or General Allotment Act 1887 which took 50 MILLION acres of land from the Indian
For those effected with Tuberculosis influenza *MEASLES forced to convert into Christianity
The slogan used “ Kill the Indian , Save the Man “ – � I want EVERYONE who listening to my music and reading this post to *COMPREHEND that we cannot erase the past or take the same actions of H-A-T-E in the future. As all spiritual beings know this will only RECYCLE the karma and pain for more generations. However, we can BEGIN to enlighten OUR CHILDREN of the � of their history and make sure all Indigenous rooted from Canada to Americas, to the Caribbean know their TRUE heritage and people. ONE LOVE FOREVER � little horse spirit ��
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������ :
I was here first you can’t cheat my love
I was here first grandma blessing from above
I was here first im protector
I was here first I am defender

I was x2

I was here first call me Brother Nature
I was here first AfroIndigo lover
I was here first Trees scream injustice
I was here first Oxygen infested

I was here first x2
Dumb my people , what’s the result?
Now they lost , Now they bought
Materials that wasn’t half their worth
Get in tune, Out the moon,
See the truth, Endings soon
Now third warning, Egyptian fallen, Now America this your warning
I’m not racist, how so basic
Stealing land, Turning faces
Say it’s me to blame, like Divine ain’t chose me call me David
Down Down , Goodbye Goliath,
Thank you Tom, but Sir you fired
It’s me little horse , two spirited
Stop denying x2