Seeing kids and families living with severe burn injuries…

…struggling under harmful misunderstandings and fears, Nicki Stang Johnson chose to take action.  In 2006, going above and beyond her role as a burn unit child life and school reentry specialist, she conceived of and led the charge to create the very first Just Like You Film – Burns.  In the 7 minute and 56 second international award winning film, she gave kids a voice and a vehicle to communicate their unique circumstances and needs.  And, in doing so, she learned their most important desire was not to be defined by their condition but to “be a kid – just like you.”  

Nicki’s brave idea sparked 15 years of heart opening, life-changing films for kids, parents, caregivers, medical providers, educators, law enforcement and individuals who now know better and do better around life with cancer, Down syndrome, autism, facial anomalies, type 1 diabetes, anxiety disorders, depression and food allergies.  

“The Nickis” were created to honor those who walk the trail she’s blazed, embody her spirit, choose to take action, give kids a voice when they need it most and help create a kinder world through the power of film.