Diane – Wed, March 16, 2022 Awesome Millionaire Interview Preview!


If you’re already familiar with my Millionaire and Multimillionaire interviews, you know these are treasure troves of amazing how-to action steps and THINKING steps to create an opulent, abundant life of your own.

On Wed, March 16, 2022, 10 am PST/1 pm PST, it only gets better. You’re going to be meeting Mark Cameron, the FORTY-FOUR “mentoree” of Bob Proctor. (We’re pretty sure he’s the longest standing student of Bob’s ever.)

Mark was 18 years old the first time he saw Bob Proctor on stage! The very next DAY, Mark began designing a life of his own.

This is one incredible story as Mark will talk you through the highs and the lows as he built the life of his dreams. Yes, I had 27 years of working with Bob on daily projects, with hours and hours of time spent together … but every time I talk to Mark, I always learn something new, a new angle, a new concept he’s applied in his life.

If you’re already a member in one of my programs – Navigating to Millions, Marketing Alchemy or Legendary – you’ve already got a seat for next Wednesday’s interview. You’ll receive your individual Zoom links as usual.

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Here’s everything you get for $59:
* Catch this class live (& receive thousands of dollars of value in this single class, I guarantee)
* Ask questions of Mark in the live Q-and-A,
* Get 24/7 access to the recording (for members only; this interview will not be aired publicly)
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* Enjoy all sorts of other bells and whistles in Navigating, too, including another Live Q&A “Ask Me Anything” on Sat, March 19th.

Just ONE millionaire interview will change your life! Even if you stay in for a MONTH at $59, your whole life will take a turn for the much better.

What a spectacular treat lies ahead for all of us! I’ll see you there!