Ed-Man: Episode 1 – Astronauts in Space


Ed-Man talks about history of the world. Take a look to discover with the evolution of the first men walked on the moon. Ed-Man is an adult education animated microseries was created by Stephen Kemp. Watch the first episode of Ed-Man.

Created by Stephen Kemp
Written by Stephen Kemp & Draigon Kemp
Directed by Draigon Kemp
Production Manager Stephen Kemp
Designed by Draigon Kemp
Layout Draigon Kemp
Coloring Draigon Kemp
Featuring the Voice of Stephen Kemp
Casting by Draigon Kemp
Edited by Draigon Kemp & Stephen Kemp
Music & Sound Effects by Draigon Kemp
Animated by Draigon Kemp
Program Coordinator Colton Kemp
Produced by Draigon Kemp
Executive Producer Stephen Kemp

In recognition of:
Colton Kemp

In recognition of Artcraft Filmworks:
Draigon Kemp
Stephen Kemp

In appreciation of:
Yvette Kaplan
Brian A. Miller

In appreciation of Saerom Animation:
Kil Whan Kim

In apprectation of The History Channel:
Brooke Townsend

Special Thanks to:
Getty Images
Science Photo Library
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)
Jules Verne