AFT 2121 President’s Message


BOT to Vote on Downsizing; Revenue Unity Coalition Presents Alternative

Tomorrow from 1-2pm on Zoom, leaders of your union and of SEIU 1021 will be presenting the CCSF Revenue Unity Coalition and its vision for building back CCSF. This is the first public meeting of a historic coalition that is working to bring tens of millions of dedicated revenue to CCSF, annually. AFT and SEIU leaders will update you on progress made so far and answer questions about where we go from here. Students, Trustees, and faculty are all encouraged to attend.
→ Zoom link:

Shortly afterwards, at 3:30pm, your elected Board of Trustees will vote this Thursday on a plan to downsize your college. They’ll be voting on whether to follow their December layoffs of Classified staff with further layoffs and cuts. There is no budget mandate for this – it’s a choice that David Martin is asking them to make.

This BOT meeting will be a good opportunity for public comment. What is the heartbeat of CCSF and why should the Board stand up for it? It’s time for your Board to show leadership and courage for the sake of our students and community. You will have either one or two minutes to speak. The meeting starts at 3:30, but the very first thing they’re going to do is recess to closed session. We do not know how long it’ll be before they come back and take public comment. To speak at a BOT meeting, you must sign up ahead of time. They must receive your request at least 30 minutes before the meeting starts. Email or call 669-444-1266 and let them know:

→ Your Name
→ Meeting Name and Date (You can say, Regular Board Meeting, 2/24/22)
→ Agenda Item Number (Faculty layoffs are item → Phone number if participating by phone
→ Thursday 2/24, 3:30: Regular BOT Meeting