Help Us Fund Our Dream Craft and Hobbies Site! Crowdfunding Campaign (whiteboard Video)


Hello Everyone! It is finally time to share what I have been working on for quite a long time. I’ve had a vision of this idea in my head since I first learned to knit from my great aunt when I was 5. I am creating my very own Craft and Hobby site for ALL crafts. Where you can buy or sell patterns, buy or sell crafted goods, Stream and upload videos of your crafting, and SOOO much more.

I almost gave up on it when similar sites started to pop up. What kept me working on it was that while the other sites were similar, they came nowhere close to the site I always envisioned in my head. For a year or so I have felt this tugging inside me like I was being called towards this idea, until I could not go even one day, let alone one hour, without it consuming the majority of my thoughts. So I sat down with the idea journal I have been keeping for almost 2 decades and started to put all my ideas together and draw out my plans.

I have finally reached the end of what I can do on my own. I have searched and searched for the perfect company to bring my dream to life and, after being ignored or downright looked down upon and turned away, I have found one that I adore and am excited to work with! However, I did not estimate just how much it would cost to make this a reality. So instead of giving up (because even if I tried my brain would still be focused on it), I decided to, after encouragement from friends, to try and raise the money to at least get the base site up and running.

So I am asking every crafter out there (and non-crafters) to take a minute and head over to and help make my dream a reality. I am also asking you to share this (and the others that will soon be posted) video/post to every social media site you are on and tag as many people as you can that could possibly be interested in either the idea or in helping to make a dream come true!

God Bless you all!