Thai “THE THAIGA” Edwards wins” BEST ACTOR” for The ICE CREAM STOP at the 2021 Next Generation Indie Film Awards.


Without any of you, there is no me I love you all and I will continue to give my best until I leave here. We are #teamthaiga for your convenience due to the limited audio here’s the speech transcript so you can follow.

First giving glory and honor to the Most High…
I take no credit in the award I’m being presented tonight I was just answering a call that I had got from an old friend Raul. He said that God sent us an assignment by way of his cousin Marcelle and that we needed to recruit a special team to carry it out. He said that it couldn’t be any ordinary team each member had a specific task and individual duties to fulfill as a member of the collective body.

He said Marty had the blueprint and once we work out all the schematics God gave him the vision. So we all decided that:

– We needed a warm and loving woman like Nicola Lambo to give it a heart.
– We needed Chris Levine to give it a brain and the power of choice.
– We needed someone who was dignified, authoritative, and assertive like Dustin to give it a face.
– We needed someone who was both fearless and physically imposing like Paul Logan to give it a body.
– We needed someone who was Upstanding, and Kind-Hearted like Jed Dennis to give it emotions and a conscience.

And lastly, he needed someone like me who had to remember a painful past in order to give it a soul and a name. His name was “Dr. Micheal Harris.” And the reason we are all here tonight excepting these awards is because we all understood the assignment and did all that GOD had required us to do perfectly… And by doing so our message, God’s message to all who have seen THE ICE CREAM STOP has been received whole-heartedly and has been embraced all over the world! And just like Mike Harris, we must not forget the likes of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner Philando Castile, and Daunte Wright, just to name a few. “Say their names”… Let us all continue to have these kinds of conversations until this systematic error of justice has been eradicated. “Black Lives Matter”…”White Lives Matter”… “Gay Lives Matter” “We All Matter” – And believe it or not we all need each other. Thank you All Goodnight.

Thai “THE THAIGA” Edwards