another space trans endental


are you ready to trans-end
cosmic lover
this conjuration is here to accelerate the fall from your said former name and assume adopt and determine to take use of the ingredients listed here to enthral
this demand for transformation requires the willing sacrifice of a tear cast of purest shame a current from your shocked up brain a fascist insect procured in an empty gold leaf pouch the respect of your mother and any physical contact you ever got from your father
offer these in a circle born of childhood toys you pretended to like to fit in
gather the wool of bat-tle axe terf teachers cardigan tongue of dog – breathed rent boys asking you how big your dick is on grinder, tell them anything more than a mouthful is a waste, threesomes fuck and vegans bring the feeling as those poppers ping a toenail from each friend you lost a video of you jerking off, for research purposes only
pour into this cauldron : the obsession from everyone you dont want to kiss with what your fucking genitals look like the desperate desire to be a real big deal like jesus christ or brexit but without inciting a wave of cultural genocide or hate crimes the exasperation of hearing gender neutral pronouns arent grammatically correct the panic stricken sweat of your first step out of the closet a packet of ready salted crisps from your girlfriends boyfriend and some illegally ascertained hormone therapy
mix together with : the back pain of 4380 hours in a binder every year the scabs from tucking tape mishaps and some scented nail varnish remover
once you have meditated on your exorcism from normalcy and embraced your new found personality largely based on star signs and herbal teas individualistic spiritual practices plucked from a pinterest feed embrace tradition but not its radicailty your onliness within a community your lack of action your domesticity your politicalisation the humdrumdrumdrum of techno dykes flirting with you like youre one of them dyke vs fag oil wresting on all week copying tattooed boys walls shaving your friends heads loving in a multitude of ways smiling at yourself in the mirror dressed head to toe in black Adidas or like a 50s sunday school teacher there is no in between being the but of someones joke being a constant lesson teaching some white middle class knobhead how to grow expanding your empathy living in their discomfort
light some fucking sage
embrace your absolute freedom to deny these binary codes embrace your absolute demise