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I am Dr. Patricia Rogers, Visibility Strategist| Business Consultant| Virtual Event Host & I provide Affordable Legal & Identity Theft Services.

I want to introduce you to the amazing “Inspirational Breakthrough System” that I have created.

This system will educate you and inspire you to break through the things that are stopping you from reaching those big months, with the big payouts.

What You Will Receive When You invest in the “Inspirational Breakthrough System.” You will receive a series of nine eBooks along with audio that makes it easy for you to follow along.

Below, I will give you an excerpt from each topic and series, and the rest is in the “System”

Topics Include:

“Loving, You Is Loving Your Business”

Entrepreneurs are servants and servants must be energized and energy comes from self-care, in our diets, our minds, spiritually, and definitely in the relationships that we develop.

The rest is in the “System”

“(4) Keys To Launch A Business”

When you think about the kind of business that you want to launch, you must think about the uniqueness of your product, or I like to say, the “know-how” of your business.

The rest is in the “System”

“(4) Easy Steps to Manage Social Media”
What you may not know is how to bring all your business social media channels together so that they will run together smoothly, and professionally.

The rest is in the “System”

“Your Purpose Is Your Power”

Dr. Miles Monroe stated, “The difference between your job and your work is a job is what they pay you to do, but your work is what you are called you to do.

The rest is in the “System”

“Persevering Through Challenges”

Why do you think people start a business and then quit within the first two years? “Distractions are Disastrous,” and the answer is this.

Distractions are so sneaky and conniving, and before you know it, people’s mindsets shift away from the thing that is designed to change their lives.

The rest is in the “System”

“(8) Ways To Increase Leads & Prospects”
Follow-ups can happen in several separate ways than just picking up the 500-pound phone.

We have all heard that sales and prospecting is “a numbers game,” right?

Instead of just doing ‘more,’ we are big fans of doing things’ better.’ The rest is in the “System”

“Broken Pieces of Your Life”

Although you have broken pieces in your lives, you will still make it to your destiny because the broken pieces develop you, and bring things together.

The rest is in the “System”

“More Prosperity In (6) Steps”
In this series, we will discuss six (6) steps that will assist you in achieving “Even More Prosperity”. I say “Even More”, because prosperity comes in many forms, but as entrepreneurs, you want to take control of your destiny, equate success with the wealth that is waiting for you to receive.

The rest is in the “System”

“(10) Tips To Hosting Virtual & Live Events”
I am selling something every freaking time my inventive mind produces another idea.

Thanks to mentors like Nancy Matthews, Trish Carr, Susan Weiner, Sharon Lechter, & Bill Walsh because they are selling something too.

The real question is…WHY AREN’T YOU?

Click the link below and change your thinking, sharpen your disciplines, increase your confidence and use these tips and strategies to enhance not only your business but also your lifestyle.

Make a small investment that offers “HUGE” rewards. “Inspirational Breakthrough System”

I am Dr. Patricia Rogers, Visibility Strategist & CEO of Unity In Service “Where People Need People!

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