AC Global Introduction


AC Global Business & Marketing collaborates with companies to create both digital and physical goods.

Perhaps, for example, you have an idea for a new revolutionary children’s toy, but you don’t know how to produce it?

Don’t panic, we’ll take care of everything!

First, a market study will be carried out to assess the viability of your idea. If the study proves successful, we will find an intermediary to manufacture your idea on an industrial scale. At the same time, we will develop a name for the product, create a brand if necessary and patent the idea for you. We can even source funding!

Finally, we market your product. We can identify independent resellers, franchises or even set up your own online shop if you want to sell your product directly. Our proven expertise will provide you with the best advice for success. Because ultimately, you are the master of your venture and the sole decision-maker.

AC Global Business also specialises in the creation of websites, applications and software. Our talented team of developers will be able to make your ideas a reality. The only limit is your imagination!

Our location in France enables us to create luxury, technological, beauty and pharmaceutical products. But our influence also extends beyond Europe, thanks to our employees all over the world. Making our action unlimited.

Working with us means choosing to work with serious professionals who will offer you peace of mind and quality work. Our goal is to facilitate your operation by taking on as many tasks as possible and maximising the effects of your success.

So, let’s create together the product of your dreams and share the fruits of success! Contact us for more information, we are friendly and open to new ideas.

See you soon!