Onano, Tuscia in Fiore, 23-24 April 2022


Tourism and culture, play and discovery. These dichotomies are often synonymous. The program of Tuscia in Fiore is based precisely on this vocation, a sign of the times as well as common to the first tourists.

The desire to discover or understand is innate to us, the playful attitude is sometimes hidden but always present. If proposal is part of a tourist-cultural adventure it becomes terribly attractive.

Modern technologies, theoretically, allow us to get to know everything about a place without moving from the chair in front of our computer. Obviously it’s not the same thing: we want to touch and see without filters, discover angles and take the best photo of the trip. All the events in “Tuscia in Fiore”, from the “Fiat 500” to the “Avenue of the artists”, enhance the sensorial experience as well as memories, curiosity and charm.

Hidden within the “Tuscia in Fiore” program, there is a lot to discover. The digital treasure hunt is the perfect example: how many of us have experienced tourism but skipped or missed a beautiful and characteristic corner of the chosen destination? The treasure hunt solves everything. Following the tracks that become more difficult as you get closer to the treasure, the “competitors” discover every corner of the town that hosts the event in Fiore. An ancient kiosk unknown to most people or the first bar opened in 1876 may be one of the milestones of the various stages of the Treasure Hunt . Win or not, participating in the Little adventure will reveal an unexplored world for every one. The tourism of memory as well as the slow and proximity one, give us magical corners that until a few decades ago were unknown to everyone.

Spring arrives early in Tuscia.

VIDEO: Stefano Spolverini #SpoLab