Many companies use phone interviews to establish the first contact with the candidate. That’s why you have to be focused and prepared for it. A good first impression will be vital to move on to the next phase in the selection process, where the interview will be more in-depth.

If you have a phone interview in the next few days, this video is for you. I’m going to reveal the keys you need to keep in mind when facing a phone interview. Here we go!

⓵ Write down the time of the interview

It may seem silly but it’s important to remember what time you expect the call. If you don’t answer the call, you’re likely to miss your chance. You will give a bad image to the company and that will end your participation in the selection process. Therefore, write down the time of the interview in your agenda, create an alert on your cell phone or set a reminder where you are sure to read it. Also be careful with the time difference if it is an international call.

⓶ Research the company

We have already repeated this in many videos, but it is CRUCIAL. The best way to show interest in a position is to get to know as much as possible about the company you are applying for. Research about them and look at all their social media and recent activity as if they were your biggest crush.

⓷ Take notes

Make the most of the call by taking notes before and during the interview. Anything you write down before the interview will help you remember specifics about the company or even yourself. On the other hand, notes taken during the interview will be useful for remembering what you were told at some point or in case you are asked to ask questions. It is also a good idea to have both your resume and the job description in front of you.

⓸ Listen actively

Since this is a phone call, you may be threatened by possible distractions. Warn those around you that you have an important call to avoid interruptions and find a place where you have a good phone signal. Concentrate on the call and listen to what they are saying without losing the thread, you may be asked questions related to what they are telling you. Important: don’t be embarrassed to ask them to repeat something.

⓹ Smile

Once again it may seem unimportant… why should I smile if they don’t see me? Believe it or not, when we smile while speaking our voice and intonation changes. If you smile when you are having a phone conversation you are showing confidence in yourself.

⓺ Practice your answers

Practice the answers you are going to give to avoid difficulties when speaking. It’s okay if you take a breath and pause before answering a question to avoid nervousness.

Keep in mind that They are interested in knowing your experience and your skills. Our final piece of advice? Be natural and be yourself.

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