“Unity” is a visual project by Luca Chiarva & Jacob Nasyr featuring the music of Mohamed Simon.

Luca is a professional circus performer from Italy & Jacob a professional photographer and video maker from the Maldives.

The two first met in 2018 in the Maldives at Finolhu resort where they were both working, and since then have always wanted to create a visual project together.

Time passed by and Luca left the resort to work for the world renowned Cirque Du Soleil, while Jacob moved to another resort.

This year, after the first pandemic lockdown they were lucky enough to reunite back at Finolhu and decided to take the opportunity to finally create something together.

The aim of this video is to share a message of hope and freedom to every human, especially during these hard times of restricted movement.

“We believe right now that people should be more united than ever, and so we want to encourage everyone to keep believing in the power of love which always wins and is never wrong”

Directed by Luca Chiarva & Jacob Nasyr

Edited by Jacob Nasyr
Written by Luca Chiarva


Luca Chiarva
Beth Sykess
Roman Neuner
Michaela Gasser
Stefanie Jerschabek
Felix Jerschabek
James Thain
Inma Anwar
Adam Cdhi

Special Thanks to:

Mohamed Simon (aka Ommega) and Zara for the Music

Mihad Ali for the location shots

All the staff of Finolhu resort and Area 51 Crew

Beth Sykess and John Zibin for script revision

Slackline Maldives & Slackline Cuneo