JudaH Galt – Don Bhing Lyrics Video Master.mp4


Welcome to the world of Don Bhing. The real roots King.
Here we have the prequel to the Don Bhing NFT. A young Don Bhing decides to walk across the island of Jamaica. To discover the truths that only those experiences can share. With courage and a draw from his spliff, he takes the first few steps past the babylonians and discovers an energy that activates within his heart straight up to his crown. Visions of Lee Scratch Perry appear upon his journey and he knows that he is on the right path. For only he can see what he is shown. Yet only in time with JaH allow him to comprehend the truth.

Take a journey and adventure with #DonBhing as he trods through the mountains of Jamaica, from Ocho Rios to Kingston Bay. Along the way, he stops off at his favourite studio known as the Herb N’ Jam. He jumps in the booth and creates some music with JudaH Galt, Mello Red, Perch and Sabukie of Lifeyard 360. All brothers in the #LionTribeofJudaH

He continues to make his way to the truck stop in Kingston, where the Herb N’ Jam Live Sessions are taking place truck stages of the infamous delivery #Truckies of Jamaica.

His spirit guide #LeeScratchPerry continues to lead him along the way to his destiny. The #CryptoRastasNFT surround him and protect him upon his journey. As RasTa love is JaH love. Brothers and Sisters in the belief and knowing that #NobodyBiggerThanJaH.

As he nears the end of his journey, he sees a crowd gathering around a truckie and a tribe of people that he felt as if he had known them his entire life.
King Don makes his way to the gathering to investigate the vibes. As he grows closer, the spliff drops from his mouth onto the ground with the vision that lay in front of him. Tune into the video to see the epic ending that was just the beginning of a new journey for #TheBhing.
Don Bhing became Don Bhing the day Don Bhing, met…Don Bhing.
Down at the Herb N’ Jam…

Give thanks to all who have had their hands in the creation of this amazing project.
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@Church_Of_Perch @Sabukie_Lifeyard @CryptoRastasSquad @DesignerTony_01172 @CryptoRastas (Thank you for the creation of the Don Bhing NFT)

Big up ALL the Crypto Rastas NFT collectors, Unity is Strength and Rasta community is about unity. Let us do our best to bring more peace into this world and rebuild a safer and sustainable world for our children’s children. Thank you for all the love and support, we love and support each and everyone one of you. Into the great unknown we go, knowing that JaH is within and without.

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