1/2/22 – 2 Samuel 1-24 (Knowing The Bible)


2 SAMUEL (1-24)
David Rountree

2 Samuel records the kingship of David, the second king of Israel, from beginning to the end. David’s distinction: “A man after God’s own heart” (Acts 13:22).

David’s Heart and God’s Resources (1-8)
David’s Humiliation and God’s Rod (9-20)
David’s Hardness and God’s Righteousness (21-24)

David’s Heart and God’s Resources (1-8)
1. David’s response to King Saul’s death (1:1-14; 2:1).

2. David is anointed king in Hebron by Judah (2:4). This was not acknowledged by the rest of Israel for 7½ years (2:8-11; 5:1-5).

3. The reason for David’s success (1 Chron. 11:9; 2 Sam. 5:10).

4. What is the difference between God being with us and us being with God?

David’s Humiliation and God’s Rod (9-20)
1. David’s tragic sin (11:1-17, 26, 27; 12:1-13). Where it all began (11:1).

2. David’s confession and restoration (12:13; Ps. 51:16,17).

3. The consequences of David’s sin: Four sons die — the child of Bathsheba (12:18); Amnon (13:29); Absalom (18:15), and Adonijah (1 Kings 2:25). Also, Amnon rapes Tamar (chp.13), Absalom kills Amnon (chp.13), Absalom takes over David’s kingdom by force (chp.15), Absalom commits immorality with David’s concubines (chp.16), Absalom is killed by David’s army (chp.18), Sheba seeks to lead a rebellion against David (chp.20). Compare all this with 12:10-12.

David’s Hardness and God’s Righteousness (21-24)
1. David deals with a 3-year famine (21:1-14). Goliath’s descendants are destroyed (21:15-22). David’s song of deliverance (22:1-51). Concluding works and roster of mighty men (23:1-39).

2. David’s sin of numbering (24:1-25). Consider the heart of a man of God (24:10).

1. What will it take for you to be known in heaven as a man after God’s own heart? Think about it and determine to please God.

2. When a promotion or a pay raise is a sure thing, do we still seek God first before we accept it like David sought God before he accepted the kingdom (cf. Prov. 3:5, 6)? With every promotion comes additional responsibility that either hinders or helps our work for God’s glory.

3. Understand that lasting success is bound up in the sovereignty and providence of God. This knowledge will lead us to plead with God that his hand would be upon us to accomplish all that which greatly pleases him (cf. 1 Chron. 11:9).

4. Realize that we do not have to be perfect to be great in God’s eyes but we do have to be troubled by our sin and daily seek God’s cleansing from it through confession and repentance both public and private.